What is it?

Cellulose based composites or biobased plastics can be used as a substitute for petroleum based plastics.  These plastics are made from biobased polymers made from a variety of different sources including olive pits.  The olive pits are a byproduct of olive oil and pitted table olive productions. 

How can it be used?

Our cellulose based composites work well in injection molding applications and do not require additional manufacturing equipment as the bio-based granules work with existing equipment and no difference in production timing.


Some target markets include:

Food Industry

The food industry is an enormous field with an extensive amount of potential for biobased plastics.  Because of the unique antibacterial properties found in olive pits, our products have an incredible advantage to provide safe bioplastic food-related products. 


Packaging is the dominant sectoral use of plastics globally accounting for 42 percent (161 million tons).  The packaging sector is also dominant in terms of the waste of plastics.  There is a high demand for packaging made from bio-based plastics.

Consumer Products – Electronics/Automotive

A large proportion of consumer electrical appliances are made of plastics.  Because of the unique antistatic properties found in our products there is an advantage to provide antistatic plastic products in the electronics sectors.  In the automotive industry manufacturers are using biobased plastics to produce dashboard components, steering wheels and other interior and exterior features. 

Plant Leather – Textiles

Made from olive industry and other plant-based wastes, with minimum use of petrochemicals, our product provides tremendous environmental benefits by creating less carbon dioxide emissions, less water usage, and considerably less toxic than genuine or synthetic leather and is animal safe!

What is the end of life for Cellulose Based Composites?

Our cellulose-based composites are made with up to 70% renewable organic olive materials -making use of waste to create products that are quicker and easier to dispose of than traditional fossil-fuel-based plastics.


Depending on the customer choice, our products can be either recycled, biodegraded or composted and will break down over the course of months rather than the hundred years needed for traditional plastics.

Please inquire for a Technical Data Sheet on our products