What are Natural Fiber Composites?

Natural Fiber Composites are composite materials, in which at least the reinforcing fibers are derived from renewable and carbon dioxide neutral resources from plants.  Our products are come from hemp and flax plants that are grown in arid climates and require very little irrigation.  Natural Fiber Composites are sustainable alternatives to glass fibers and carbon fibers in certain applications.

Our products are sustainable and lightweight and offer cleaner solutions without compromising high performance.

There are major advantages of using natural fiber composites over synthetic based fibers including:

Environmentally Friendly:

  • renewable
  • biodegradable
  • recyclable
  • CO2neutral
  • zero waste from production – 100% of the plant is used
  • 1/5 of the energy used in traditional glass fiber production.
  • lightweight therefore more efficiency in various applications including automotive, mobility, and transport

Better Performance than traditional glass fiber or carbon fiber:

  • better mechanical properties
  • good thermal and acoustical insulation characteristics
  • less brittle
  • more resistance to corrosion
  • less skin-irritating


  • low cost

How can it be used?

Our Natural Fiber Composites perform similar to synthetic fibers as they are fully compatible with current industrial processes and can be manufactured on an industrial scale.

 Depending on the use, our product can be biobased, recyclable, reformable and even biodegradable. 


Natural Fiber Composites can be used in a number of industries:


Automotive Industry

Marine Industry


Recreational Sports& Leisure


Acoustic & Noise Barriers

What is the end of life for Natural Fiber Composites?

At the end of the natural fiber’s life, their burning produces energy and carbon.  Natural Fiber Composites can also be recycled or biodegradable depending on the mixture. 

Please inquire for a Technical Data Sheet on our products