At a glance

At Global Eco Plastics we believe in the development of raw materials and products that are socially responsible, economically viable, sustainable and good for the environment. We are experts in producing and supplying innovative bioplastics solutions and can help you navigate the constantly changing regulatory frameworks across the globe. We provide a broad range of brokerage, distributor, and consultancy services and solutions to help businesses meet regulatory requirements, consumer demands, and fulfill the demands of a circular economy.

“We believe our world is a precious commodity, so our focus is solely on sustainable ecological products.”

Distribution and Marketing Strategies

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in their distribution markets. Our objective is to identify, strategize, and improve your global marketing approach to maximize your return on investments. Our added value is the identification of international clients, distribution channels, and customers, allowing you to expand your offerings to a larger, broader geographic market.

Networking, Representative, Agent Services

We increase your global marketing, sales, and distribution footprint by taking your bioplastic raw materials and products to market across the globe. Our comprehensive list of international contacts in manufacturing, sales, and distribution allows us to position your products in new markets with the influential players in the region. We work exclusively with ecologically, friendly, and biodegradable products and raw material manufacturers.

Sustainable, Regulatory Compliant Solutions

Navigating continually evolving regulatory frameworks and market dynamics while balancing consumer demands requires knowledge and expertise in bioplastics and related industries.  GEP advises and provides consultancy on tackling local, regional and global demands and requirements to ensure legal matters are satisfied in an environmentally sustainable and business pragmatic manner.