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We partner with cutting-edge companies that
provide environmentally responsible solutions
and products. 

Global Eco Plastics

Works to promote business sensible and sustainable solutions and alternatives to plastics including recycled plastics and/or bio-based substitutes across the globe.

We provide a broad range of brokerage, distributor, and consultancy services and solutions to help businesses comply with regulatory requirements, consumer demands, and fulfil the demands of a circular economy.

Our Offering

Eco Plastics Distribution & Marketing Strategies for Producers

We increase your global marketing, sales, and distribution footprint by taking your sustainable materials and products to market across the globe.

Plastic and Carbon Offsetting – Climate Solutions

Correcting our plastic waste problem requires a fundamental change in thinking about how plastics are made, used, and discarded.

Sustainable Materials: Regulatory & Compliance Services

Navigating continually evolving regulatory frameworks and market dynamics while balancing consumer demands and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values requires knowledge and expertise.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

“We believe our world is a precious commodity, so our focus is on sustainability and circular economy.”