Customised Bio Polymers

Converting to Bio Polymers

The reality is that existing polymers will not be directly replicated by bio polymers as the performance characteristics will change.  This gives companies a chance to re-evaluate the key performance needs and possibly redesign their offering.  Plastic packing is a mature technology that unfortunately is causing serious environmental impacts without a suitable reclaim and reuse system.  As the waste management and recycling sector is highly fragmented and there is a random mix of local government and private waste companies, the best option for companies is to design and pick their materials with a bio-based and compostable philosophy for non-permanent or limited-use products.

Starting with your existing materials we confirm the performance requirements and define the project to provide multiple samples of bio-based polymers for trial and testing. Based on your feedback the materials are adjusted to provide the best results in your current process. Finally, the new feedstock is produced in quantity for your production.  Project times can be as short as 90 days for existing materials or customized for new material requirements.