PHABIO Selected for “Fashion for Good” South Asia’s Accelerator Programme

Global Eco Plastics is delighted to announce that our partner, PHABIO is one of the 9 firms selected in Fashion for Good’s south Asia Innovation programme, being one of the 3 companies from India to be finalised for this programme. Fashion for Good, headquartered in Amsterdam is a global initiative for sustainable fashion products and alternatives. Their open access guide ‘Good fashion Guide’ with practical resources and technology on certified sustainable mass production in the fashion industry is one of a kind with their motto being- Fashion is possible with minimum ecological expense and can be economical at the same time.

This is an amazing and incredible opportunity that puts PHABIO on the right path to bring to light its innovative, sustainable and affordable PHA-based bioplastic material. PHABIO produces degradable eco-friendly bioplastics made from waste materials, which can be used as an alternative in fabrics, yarns, flexible packaging and films.

This is extremely important because the fashion industry conventionally is highly polluting and is tasking on our natural resources and ecosystems. It alone contributes to 10% of global carbon emissions, 20% global wastewater and consumes more energy than the aviation and shipping industries combined. So, our constant urge for more clothes, better wardrobe and looks weighs heavily on our environment. Since, we are the consumers it is up to us to make the fashion industry an environmental conscious and sustainable sector:

We need to be better educated and smarter consumers to understand the adverse impact on the environment created by the fashion industry. We believe the industry is also searching for alternative and sustainable eco-friendly materials, and solutions such as PHABIO.

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