EU Green Deal Carbon Neutral by 2050

In December 2019, the European Commission established a European Green Deal which sets to achieve a climate neutral economy in Europe by 2050. This ambitious plan will set out forty-seven actions to be implement in 2020 and 2021. The European Union is making a clear link between sustainability and economic growth. In fact, Ursula von der Leyen Commission President has stated that “[b]y showing the rest of the world how to be sustainability and competitive, we can convince other countries to move with us.” A few key points of the European Green Deal include:

* Climate Neutral – a new ‘Climate Law’ is scheduled to be presented in March 2020.

* Circular Economy – a new ‘Circular Economy Action Plan’ will be introduced in March 2020 focusing on how to make things while using less materials and ensuring products can be recycled and reused. Bioplastics fit squarely in this category.

* R&D and Fostering Innovation – the Horizon Europe will play a significant role in supporting the Green Deal with targeting 35% of its budgets towards new solutions.

Bioplastics will be playing a significant role in helping to attain the European Green Deal. Particularly bioplastics that come from a waste stream source and contribute to the circular economy. Fostering innovation in this area is also key to achieving climate neutrality. When economic and ecological concepts are combined, bona fide sustainable solutions are achieved.

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