GEP’s Virtual Intern Program

We would like to welcome Tarini Gupta and Saumya Yadav who will be joining GEP as our virtual interns. We are very excited to have them for the next couple of months. They will be reporting on the latest information in the innovative field of bioplastics through a series of blog posts.

Tarini Gupta is a recent Masters in Management Graduate from University of British Columbia, Canada. She is passionate about using her business and economic sense to assess how Sustainable practices can impact the future of the Planet.

Saumya Yadav is a PhD student in the field of Computational Biophysics at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Her concern for sustainable and eco-friendly living is what led her to us. She is also a part time blog writer and data analyst.

Welcome to the team and thank you from all of us at GEP in advance for your hard work and creative thinking!

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